Pc-110 #3-#11 OSHA Rebar Cap SKU 121PC110

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rebar impalement safety cap

The patented PC110 Suprotek Impalement Safety Cap is a Cal/OSHA approved safety device used to prevent impalement from exposed reinforcing steel (rebar) and stakes. It consists of a highly visible safety orange top over a heavy duty steel plate.


  • Protects workers from protruding rebar
  • Impalement protection
  • One size fits #3[10mm] through #11[36mm] rebar (USA version only)
  • Safety orange color
  • Fully tested and approved (OSHA #C-1730-AG)
  • Meets Cal OSHA max. drop test requirements
  • Complies with Cal OSHA, Section 1712


  • Cal/OSHA 344.90
  • Federal OSHA 1926.701(b)
  • Cal/OSHA Approval Numbers: C-1716-AG, C-1730- AG

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SKU: 121PC110
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Model: 143979
Color: Orange