Drycrete Moisture Stop 5 Gal SKU 209DRYMOIST5

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Drycrete Moisture Stop 5 Gal

Dry-Crete/ Moisture Stop: is a water based colloidal silicate densifier, which is non-hazardous, zero VOC and creates a permanent integral barrier that both densifies concrete though increased hydration and protects concrete from attacks from a greatly reduced permeability.


  • Exhibits a high degree of penetration without leaving any residue on the surface.
  • Significantly decreases un-hydrated cement (free alkali) thereby increasing concrete's density.
  • Reduces permeability by greater than 90%.
  • Highly effective in protecting the concrete surface against acid & salt/chemical erosion.
  • Formulated using "green technology" and LEED credit qualification.
  • No harmful fumes or objectionable odors for trouble free applications on interior projects.
  • Ready to use formula allows for easy application and labor cost savings on the job.
  • Can be placed on fresh concrete. No waiting period.

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