DEWALT Large Hammer Dust Extractor SKU 324DWH050K

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 DEWALT Large Hammer Dust Extractor

DEWALT Large Hammer Dust Extraction System, 19.25 in Length, Includes: 0.3125 in Hole Cleaning Tube, 0.5625 in Hole Cleaning Tube, 1.5, 2 in Hole Drilling Head Attachment, Dust Extractor Body


  • Tough rubber seal allows for adhesion to most masonry surfaces
  • Fits DW universal hose connector which allows for quick connection to hose and swivel capability
  • Two hole cleaning nozzles match nozzle to hole size for optimal hole cleaning
  • Two interchangeable drilling heads for optimum dust removal one for holes up to 1-1/2 in and one for holes up to 2 in

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SKU: 324DWH050K
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