Cut-Resistant Gloves with Premium Nitrile Coated MicroFoam Grip SKU 223443745L

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Seamless Knit Engineered Yarn Glove with Premium Nitrile Coated MicroFoam Grip on Palm & Fingers
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Designed and developed as a 360° breathable, cut resistant glove, MaxiCut® Ultra™ combines high levels of cut protection with comfort, flexibility and dexterity for dry environments. Innovative fibers - ATG® sources their base ingredients to develop their own unique high performance yarns and fibers that offer cut protection while maintaining high levels of comfort.

Reinforcement between the thumb and forefinger improves cut resistance and extends glove life in an inherently weak area. 360° breathability, making it the most breathable glove on the market today. Component comply with Federal regulations for food contact 21 CFR 170-199


  • Form, fit and feel - mimics the "hand at rest", reducing hand fatigue and increasing comfort.
  • Latest knitting technology - utilized to produce smooth and rounded fingertips, improving fingertip sensitivity.
  • Consistent liner penetration - from the nitrile, leaving only the soft liner resting against the skin.
  • Optimized grip delivered through our micro-cup finish, allows for a controlled grip.
  • Silicone free
  • Premium black micro-foam nitrile coated palm
  • Engineered yarn shell
  • EN Cut Level 5
  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, 2X

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SKU: 223443745L
Shipping: Free Shipping
Model: 44-3745
Material: Engineered Yarn Shell
Material Palm: Premium Micro-Foam Nitrile Black Coating