3M P100 ED Filter for 6000 & 7500 Respirators - 4 pack SKU 121R2091

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3M™ P100 Particulate Filters fit 3M™ 6000 Series and 7500 Series facepieces. These NIOSH-approved filters provide at least 99.7% filtration efficiency against airborne particles including oils. Choose 3M™ P100 Particulate Filters because they Fit 3M™ 6000 Series and 7000 7500 Series half and full facepieces respirators as well as combination cartridge/filters. They provide high levels of efficiency and are easy to use. Applications - When used in conjunction with 3M™ 6000 Series and 7500 Series half or full facepieces, these filters can help provide protection against certain airborne contaminants and sprays, such as: Particles from sanding lead-based paint, Solid and liquid aerosols.


  • Quantity: 4 pack
  • Professional use only for scraping and sanding lead based paint
  • At least 99.7% filtration efficiency against particles including oils
  • Fits 3M™ 6000 and 7500 series half and full facepieces
  • NIOSH approved: P100

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SKU: 121R2091
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Product Type: Filters
NIOSH Filter Approval Rating: P100