1/2" x 4" x 10' Fiber Expansion Board, 100 ft' Bundle SKU 199EB38010-100ft

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1/2" x 4" x 10' Fiber Expansion Board, 100 ft' Bundle


RIGHT-JOINT Fiber Expansion Joint is a composite blend of cellulose long strand fibers in an asphaltic binder securely bonded together and formed into a semi-rigid board. This environmentally safe compressible material is economical while being stronger and easier to handle than other joint filler compounds. Because of its long-term aging characteristics, RIGHT-JOINT is ideal as a filler strip in expansion control joints for most types of concrete construction.


  • This versatile product has many uses mainly used as expansion joint material between slabs comes 10 pieces to a bundle
  • Non-extruding offers a minimum 70% recovery after compression
  • Easy to cut easy to use
  • Provides neat, finished joint appearance while requiring no trimming
  • Should be installed 1/2 in below concrete surface and sealed with a suitable sealant such as 3405 hot applied joint sealant or compatible caulk is positioned against concrete forms, at interrupting objects or columns and against abutting structures prior to the installation of concrete
  • Asphalt-saturated fiber expansion board
  • Provides the ideal product for the majority of all expansion/contraction joint requirements
  • A tough yet lightweight, easy-to-use, semi-rigid and pliable joint filler fabricated to your needs


  • ASTM D1751, AASHTO M 213, FAA Specification item P-610-2.7


Road Ways, Sidewalks, Driveways, Patios, AirPort Runways, Warehouse Flooring, Parking Lots & Curbs.

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SKU: 199EB38010-100ft
Shipping: Free Shipping
Water Absorption: 5 - 8%
Compression Strength: 85 - 445 psi
Thickness: .5 in
Density: 19 - 21 lb/cu-ft
Recovery: 79 - 84%